The Objective
  Major food manufacturer  required remedial action to improve ROI and Market Share

The Backgound
Major food manufacturer  was losing market share resulting from a high cost base and poor quality and had tried six sigma, lean manufacturing and traditional cost reduction methods

What we did
We reviewed the manufacturing facilities and marketing & operational strategies. The root cause was identified as multiple product manufacturing facilities performing below capacity due to constant set up changes and supply change issues.
Remediation involved developing and implementing single-product centres of excellence, boosting capacity utilisation improving product quality, and establishing closure plans for excess capacity.

The Result
  A considerably lower cost base, and more efficient suppy chain was established, which improved quality and reduced costs allowing our client to claw back prior market erosion as well as increase margins.

The impact was Increase in ROI of 15% and Market share of 20%
Case Study - Asset Efficiency
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