The Objective
  To develop a strategy that would take this US based automotive component
manufacturer from a domestic supplier to a global supplier.

The Backgound
The revision to Ford's supply chain strategy (Ford 2000) required this US based
automotive component manufacturer  to supply components on a global basis where previously it supplied domestic requirement which meant a 3 fold increase in capacity and the development of a global supply chain.

What we did
Delevep a workshop based scenario which included customer input and strategic plan which analysed:  global demand, competitors, political constraints, distribution & warehousing, transportation and supply chains along with plant capacity and extension.
We then assisted the leadership team with negotiations with competing suppliers to develop merger discussions.
The resultant compelling strategy would ensure continuing operations and higher returns on investment involving a series of international mergers between the company and its competitors and robust implementation and rationalisation programme which delivered substantial synergies.

The Result
Capacity was increased by 400% Margins improved by 8% and Supply time improved from a number of weeks to 45 minutes.
Case Study - Growth & Expansion
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The Objective
  To enable this Engineering & Construction Company (MCF) to continue trading and provide an exit strategy for its long standing stakeholders.

The Backgound
  Engineering & Construction Company had over the last 20 years a continuing serious shortage of capital and had exhausted any capital input opportunity.
  The existing stakeholders had not received a dividend for that time and wanted to exit their investment.  The executive team had sought to raised capital without providing a cohesive startegy or plan.

What we did
We conducted internal and external reviews of the company which revealed a strong reputation for competency and expertise.
Its trade name was regonised for dependability, quality and ability to get the job done.
We helped the leadership team to prepared an information memoramdum and lead negotiations with a number of aspiring well funded Engineering & Construction companies in different parts of the value/supply chain

The Result
A takeover was agreed creating a vertically integrated company which listed as an IPO at 44c (2005) now $1.4 (DCG)
The leadership team was maintained with input from the takeover company
MCF received $1.2m on merger in cash and shares.