The Objective
•  Develop a growth strategy based on strategic relationship management
to organically increase revenue and margins

The Background
•  A major engineering & services company needed to expand its customer base to maintain
growth targets but lacked the business development timeframe in which to achieve this..

What we did
• Internal analysis revealed that its regular technology/equipment suppliers were actively marketing the same potential customers as the client through many of the client's competitors.  
• Negotiations were entered into with these suppliers to form a project alliance/ partnership where the client was seen to be the implementer with joint “go to market” plans, rules of engagement and risk sharing strategies.  Contracts were agreed and the strategy implemented.

The Result
This process resulted in a “win win” for both parties, gaining access to an expanded customer base for projects and the maintenance contracts of the technology supplier as well as through life support.
• Favourable payment terms increasing ROI and free cash flows.
• The strategy continually improved revenues from $1.5b to $4b over a 4 year period

Case Study - Strategic Competency
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