The Objective
  Improvement in cash position to enable larger contracts to be undertaken
and increase enterprise value

The Background
  Cash Strapped manufacturing company sought to improve its cash position which
was reducing the project bid size and putting a strain on project completions.

What we did
A diagnostic was undertaken of asset utilisation involving asset turnover analysis which revealed many underperforming and underutilised assets.
The core competency of the company was identified and non core activities were analysed with an outsourcing strategy being developed.   All non core assets where identified and a asset sale strategy introduced.
Asset performance was included in business management incentive schemes and pricing methodologies and workshops were undertaken to implement the new methodology

The Result
Non performing assets were sold buildings and offices were leased back non core activities were outsourced and the company was restructured around its core capabilities
Margins and free cash flow increased substantially increasing the value of the enterprise.
Case Study - Free Cash Flow
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