The Principals of Deshel have been successful for the last fifteen years in bringing new ideas and start-up companies to market, exceeding entrepreneurial expectations. Here are some of the new ventures we have helped:
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New Venture Implementation

Company                                                   Country Base                 Product

Media Manufacturing company                    South African based          New form of sound reproduction
- Solar Power Company                                 USA based                        Solar panels for Hubbell telescope - Ultrasonics Company                                   USA based                        New form of cleaning devise
- Plastics Innovation company                        German Based                  Smart Plastics
- UHV Manufacturing Company                      USA based                        Unique Vacuum device
- Heat Treatment Company                            UK based                          Heat treatment for aero industry
- Innovative Financial Services Company      South African based          Alternative financing methods
- Computer Games Company                         Japan Based                     Unique computerised game
- Pharmaceutical Company                            USA based                        New method of drug accreditation
- Light Tube Manufacturer                             UK based                           New electronic light source
- Modem Manufacturer                                  Taiwan Based                    Revolutionary modem
- Car Component Manufacturer                     German Based                   New textile for seats
- Medical Implant                                            USA based                        Spinal implant device
- Security Company                                        USA based                        Internet Security Device
- Travel Company                                          Australia based                  Internet travel & reservation system